I, Stephanie, CEO of Evital Cosmetics, support numerous causes by relying on existing non-governmental organizations (NGO) and donate a fixed percentage of every purchase of Evital Cosmetics products to the NGO of your choice.

Some of the causes I solemnly stand by and support are mentioned below.

I aim to break the paradigm of modern society where gender equality is a big challenge, and women are faced with several ordeals to occupy specific roles or functions. For this purpose, I highly encourage and support women entrepreneurship where they get a platform to unleash their true potential and achieve what they are capable of. My company, Evital Cosmetics, is always ready to finance businesses run and operated by women and are fervently dedicated in the fight against female harassment.

Evital cosmetics is a firm believer in children having equal rights. I believe that children should be granted opportunities for their growth, learning, and development. Therefore, Evital Cosmetics is committed to support children growth by ensuring their health, nutrition, education, and defending their rights.

Furthermore, Evital Cosmetics is devoted to support cancer patients with particular attention to skin cancer. Till date, cancer remains one of the significant challenges faced by humanity. According to the WHO, one death out of 6 is caused by cancer.