Your face looks dull, dirty, you have blackheads; dead skin; or more impurities…

Stop complaining, you are not exfoliating, nor moisturizing enough…

Exfoliation and moisturizing are important to achieve healthy and glowing skin.

Our Pomegranate natural facial scrub will unclog your face pores, remove dirt, remove the dry skin, cleanse all those impurities, moisturize your skin, and revitalize all in one.

We understand face skin is more delicate than the other body skin. That is why our facial scrub is made with special attention.  Discover the amazingness of our organic natural ingredients organic sugar, organic pomegranate essential oil and a combination of organic natural oils.


Organic sugar: a natural humectant known for its exfoliating and moisturizing properties, delicate with nutritional properties, it effectively eliminates dead skin cells, it gently melts on contact with water providing a natural moisturizing and nourishing action.

Pomegranate essential oil: very rich in components like polyphenols that bear many properties anti-inflamatory, antibacterial making them helpful in the case of acne. These components are also high antioxidant which can be helpful in shielding against UV radiations. Pomegranate essential oil also help in regenerating and repairing the skin and can thus be very helpful in the case of wrinkles.

A variety of natural oils: a variety of non comedogenic oils rich in omega-6 fatty acids, in linoleic acid, isoflavones, antioxidants and vitamins that protect and nourish your skin; keep your skin cells healthy and protect it fron UV Radiation damage; hydrate your skin and revitalize it when it has a dull, tired look. Tightens pores, prevents the loss of collagen and elastin in your skin keeping it moist, smooth, and soft. They do not clog pores, so they are good for all types of skin even extreme sentive skin. Some have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties effective in promoting healthy skin by soothing and healing a wide range of skin issues like redness, swelling, acne, dry skin, itching and acne.

How to use

Evital Cosmetics pomegranate scrub moisturize, exfoliate and revitalize your skin in one step. To apply the scrub, stir it first, then use a clean spoon or clean fingers to remove it from the jar and spread it to a wet body in the shower. Gently scrub in circular motion for 2 to 3 min until the sugar melts, then rinse off with water and dry off.

Do it after you have showered, while your body is still wet.


The product is for external use only. Keep it away from sunlight. To protect our environment, we suggest to get rid of the product plastic jar according to the regulations in your location after usage.

Evital Cosmetics is sensitive to environmental impact and is fully committed to eliminate plastics from the packaging in the next years.


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